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Software Review:    Kelly Club Pet Parade CD-ROM

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Kelly fans and animal lovers will enjoy this just-for-fun software game starring Barbie's little sister and some of her doll friends. Though the program isn't educational, it is enjoyable and satisfying for little kids. Children meet up with Kelly, Tommy, Chelsea, and Kia in front of Kelly's Clubhouse. Each doll has a "pet"--but these are not all ordinary pets! While Kelly is taking care of a pup named Butterscotch, the others are readying an elephant, polar bear, and pony for the upcoming Kelly Club Pet Parade. 

Clicking on any of the animals launches a multi-step activity, while clicking on a doll will open a dress-up game. PJ the pony needs to practice for the parade, and kids need to help her jump over fences and through hoops in perhaps the most challenging activity of the game. Kids need to follow a particular order of the stunts, but maneuvering is a little tricky. Players win a ribbon and then feed the pony the carrots (pictured below), after which PJ gallops away and gets messy. Children brush the pony.

Each activity involves similar steps. Emmy elephant needs to practice catching bamboo batons, is rewarded with leaves to eat, and then her toenails need to be decorated for the parade. Butterscotch the dog practices bouncing a ball with Kelly, is fed the bones he has earned, and then he needs to have a shower and blow-dry! 

There are nice little extras, such as a printable friendship bracelet with the child's name printed on it, and printable rewards. Once all of the dolls are in costume and the pets have practiced their tricks, a very fun parade sequence ensues. Children can decorate the floats, add bursts of hearts and stars to the production, organize their floats, and watch the final parade in action. 

This is not an educational game, but it features beautiful graphics and just-for-fun activities that will please preschoolers. Except for the pony jumping activity, the games are manageable for the target age group. 

Be sure to see more screenshots from the game in our screenshot gallery.

  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Very entertaining gameplay.
  • Preschoolers will play this program for hours.


  • One activity is difficult to control for preschoolers.
  • Lacking in educational value.



For Win/Mac By: Knowledge Adventure Ages 3-6 Published: 2002


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Reviewed October 2002                                                                                            Comments? Email us.

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