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Software Review:    Math Grade 2

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Comprised of 30 virtual workbook pages, as well as arcade-style games and animated rewards, this title will please parents looking for an engaging method to help drive home second grade math facts. Entirely age-appropriate drills are featured, and kids will work with math "fact families", number lines, place value, and addition and subtraction with regrouping. A companion printed workbook is included in the package. Children work through the drill in a linear fashion, and enjoy all-fun activities in between. These can be bypassed, but it’s doubtful children will pass them up. This title is just one in a whole series of "On Track" programs based on the well-known School Zone workbooks. Parents can trust the advertised grade level on these packages–-something that is sadly not always true in the world of children’s software.

  • Graphics and audio are exceptionally appealing
  • Simple, straightforward presentation


  • Though exercises are randomized, the educational content is not very broad



For Win/Mac By: School Zone Interactive    Ages 3-4 Published: 2000


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 Reviewed May 2001                                                                                                    Comments? Email us.

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