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Children's Software Review:    Muppet Babies Preschool Playtime

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Computer Software Game Review: Muppet Babies Preschool Playtime

For Windows 98/2000/Me/XP; Mac 

By Brighter Child Interactive

Released: 2004

Reviewed: January 2005

Our Recommended Age: 2-3

Our Rating: B+




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This software program includes two Muppet Babies CD-ROMs: Air, Land and Sea and Animals and Nature. Each program has the same format, but with different themes.


Both CD-ROMs can be played using either the keyboard or mouse. Most preschoolers are able to handle the mouse, but the addition of a keyboard option is handy for those who are not quite ready to use the computer mouse.


The Air, Land and Sea program focuses on transportation. Children are introduced to the names of different vehicles, such as cars, tractors, hot air balloons, submarines, and sailboats. The first activity simply presents each vehicle with a short animation. The next activity involves identifying the vehicles. Kermit calls out the name of a vehicle, and children need to find the vehicle and click on it.



Another activity involves identifying vehicles that are found at sea, on the land, or in the air. The activity pictured above simply requires children to click on an object's matching shadow. Kids also do a straightforward coloring activity in which scenes are filled with color and once complete, Kermit tells a little story about the picture. Kermit sings some songs in another activity. In one activity, vehicles are defined, and in another, children are given a definition of a vehicle and are asked to identify it.



The second CD-ROM is set up identically, except that an animal theme is featured. Animals (along with their identifying sounds) include horses, monkeys, doves, ducks, and more. The program plays the same as the first CD-ROM.


Bonus printable worksheets are included on both CD-ROMs.


The repetitive, simple format of the games makes the package best for young preschoolers, preferably to be played with an adult. The animations are cute.



Our Bottom Line This package is inexpensive and features cute animations. Its format is simple and somewhat repetitive, which makes it best for younger preschoolers or toddlers playing with a caregiver. Older kids will not find very much challenge in the game.

Our Rating:





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Reviewed January 2005










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