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Music Review:    Lullabies for the Young at Heart

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A collection of soothing lullabies is always welcome in the homes of families with babies and young children. Lullabies for the Young at Heart with Robin Brennan offers both familiar and original songs delivered with freshness and honesty. This recording opens with the beautiful Morning Has Broken (Cat Stevens), offers a sweet version of Love Me Tender, and includes some very familiar traditional songs like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, All the World is Sleeping, and Hush Little Baby. Some original songs on the recording include the warm When You Were Small in which a mother projects into the future as her child grows up, and a lovely Let It Be Me Instead. Our favorite is Love Me Tender--it just "works" beautifully on a lullaby album. This is a simple and soothing recording worth adding to your lullabies collection; and, although it is appropriate for lulling young ones to sleep, it can just as well be played during quiet, wakeful moments.

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Published: 2001 f. Boo Publishing Ages Infant  



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