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Music Review:    Jessica Harper: Inside Out!

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This fabulously rhythmic collection of songs will get kids going. Jessica Harper's gift for wordplay shines on this latest title, Inside Out

The opening track, Yonder Come Day/Shining Over China, is a heartwarming reggae-style song about things that you can't see but you know they're there -- like love, and the Sun when it has set. In the next, kids listen to a story about a third-grade class in which four boys share the same name--Jordan. In another, Mother says "don't" and Lizzie gets back by telling her what not to do in turn. Then, they both rethink the very negative word "don't" and instead focus on the things they want each other to do. 

Jessica Harper's lyrics are clever and her delivery is masterful. 

  • Humorous, satisfying songs and musical stories.


  • Some listeners may get dizzy--the music is exciting and busy with words.


Published: 2001 Rounder Records Ages 4-8  


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