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More Screenshots:    Nancy Drew Secret of the Scarlet Hand

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Near the beginning of the game, Nancy meets with Joanna Riggs, her supervisor, in Joanna's office. Joanna is a little snappy. She's the curator who closed the deal on getting the monolith to the Beech Hill Museum.


Players travel from place to place (such as from the Museum to Nancy's hotel) via the Washington DC subway. They select a destination on the map and go!
This is one of the characters Nancy meets during the adventure. Alejandro del Rio works at the Mexican consulate. He has a lot to say about the Beech Hill Museum, and he has to sign a loan agreement as one of Nancy's tasks.


Players spend some time at the Beech Hill Museum, which is a rather dark place. Players help Nancy scour the exhibition hall, work in the lab located next to the temple, and more.
Throughout the adventure, players solve a variety of puzzles. One of the easiest ones is this 3D pottery puzzle. Players can only put it together once they've discovered and collected two shards of the pot.


As assistant curator, Nancy must complete a list of tasks that she found on her desk in the Lab. As she fulfills each, she returns to her desk to cross it off the list.
Henrik van der Hune is translating the glyphs on the monolith. He gives Nancy some helpful advice for one of the more creative puzzles in the game--one in which players must match audio clues. Nancy returns to her desk in the Lab often to check her voicemail. She also returns to her hotel room--her computer gives her a recap of what she's done so far, and what she might want to do next; and the time on her alarm clock can be conveniently changed in order to move to a better time of day.


The scarlet hand! While Nancy performs her tasks, a thief takes off with the carving of King Pacal and leaves this behind. Time for some detective work!


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For Windows/Mac By: Her Interactive  Ages 11-up Published: 2002

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