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Software Review:    Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower

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Remember the mini cliffhangers at the end of each and every chapter of Nancy Drew books? They ensured young readers would keep turning the pages. This software title has a similar effect, except with this fourth mystery adventure in the Nancy Drew CD-ROM series, you won't want to stop clicking.

Players take on the role of Nancy Drew, a teen detective determined to get to the bottom of the mysterious happenings in an old castle in Wisconsin. She found herself in the elegant castle with a ski vacation in mind, but a blizzard has left her snowbound. The unusual occupants all seem to be hiding something, but what? Time for some detective work! 

This title is appropriate for kids (girls and boys) ages 12 and up. There's nothing gory or explicitly violent about the game. Instead, there's plenty of atmosphere. As well, there are puzzles to solve and thinking exercises. It's addictive and fun, and highly recommended. Be prepared to spend plenty of time (the publisher predicts 20 hours) scouring the castle and grounds for clues. In the end, you'll catch the culprit and solve the case.

  • Graphically rich scenes
  • Original music and atmosphere
  • Plenty of problem solving 
  • Satisfying game-play 
  • Two levels of difficulty.


  • Challenging play can be frustrating for less patient and younger players.


For Win only By: Her Interactive     Ages 11-up Published: 2001



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