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Software Review:    The Next Tetris CD-ROM

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Tetris addicts will love this CD-ROM which features an excellent version of the original game as well as all-new ways to play. 

The arcade game Tetris was first created in 1987, and plenty of versions have been developed since. Though gameplay appears to be rather simple, the game is surprisingly addicting. The game revolves around seven shapes consisting of 4 blocks each. These shapes fall down from the top of the play board, and players must rotate and strategically place them so that they form complete rows (with no gaps). When complete lines are formed, they disappear and points are earned. Too many rows of blocks with gaps accumulate onscreen, and the height of blocks built this way makes it all the more difficult to strategically place the new falling blocks, which fall down with increasing speed as the game progresses. 

The variations of this puzzle game featured in The Next Tetris require players to think very differently as they play. Instead of starting with a clear board, garbage pieces are found at the bottom of the screen. And, although the classic game of Tetris can be played as long as a player is successful, this version is played against a timer. 

A two-player mode is available, and is played with a split screen. Each player works individually on their own boards, but when one clears multiple rows at once, the other player's board spins out. 

Loyal Tetris fans will be happy to know that the classic game is included in this CD-ROM, and it is an enjoyable experience.  

Buy The Next Tetris (Jewel Case) at for $9.99 US.

  • New ways to play Tetris in addition to the classic game.
  • Multiplayer and marathon options.


  • Exiting the game is a somewhat cumbersome process.


For Windows By:Infogrames    Published: 1999


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To Buy this CD-ROM:

Buy The Next Tetris (Jewel Case) at for $9.99 US.

 Reviewed January 2002                                                                                                    Comments? Email us.

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