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Software Review:    Ollo in the Sunny Valley Fair

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Top Pick. Ollo is, quite simply, a ball of clay with eyes. But he's adorable nonetheless, and kids love him as he earnestly makes his way through Sunny Valley in this all-new software title for preschoolers. 

In this fabulous adventure, children move Ollo through a graphically rich world where he meets with a cast of cute characters, solves all sorts of problems, and ultimately saves the day. How? By setting things right after an experimental, larger-than-life tomato drops from a vine and rolls through the town. This tomato had grown out of control in the garden of Ollo's friend, Rose. Rose had set her sights on entering, and winning a prize for, her oversized tomato in the Sunny Valley Fair before it went astray.  

What sets this title apart from others on the market is its educationally valuable mini-games that are incorporated seamlessly into the adventure; its controlled story line that is divided into chapters with clear goals; and its earnest, responsible messages. Helping out is an important theme of the game, and chances to learn and explore counting, sorting, color recognition, and more, abound. The story is charming and sweet, and the rewards for success are appropriate. Children who enjoy goal-driven software programs, such as Junior Adventures starring Putt-Putt and Freddi Fish, will find lots to love in Ollo in the Sunny Valley Fair

Some of the challenges that kids uncover through the adventure include finding items for Rose that will help her grow her tomato, rebuilding a nest for a bird, planting flowers in special order in the garden, and fixing a stove for Ollo's baker friend. Children earn parts for a marble game as they move through the story, play mini-games that reinforce academic basics, and learn to think ahead as they perform various tasks in Sunny Valley. The program features beautiful locales for kids to explore. A narrator tells the story as it unfolds, and closed captioning is available.  

We are looking forward to more Ollo titles in the future. This is an impressive title that combines education and entertainment well.


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  • Well-incorporated educational activities that address a variety of early learning skills.
  • Plenty of things to do. 
  • Lovable characters and graphics.
  • Encouraging feedback from characters.
  • Fun story line.


  • Although the story is divided into short episodes, some preschoolers will be challenged by the adventure.



For Win/Mac By: Plaid Banana  Ages 3-6 Published: 2002


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 Reviewed April 2002                                                                                                 Comments? Email us.

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