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Clip Art Software Review:    Photo Clip Art 100,000

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The makers of The Big Box of Art, Hemera, have released an exciting, family-friendly software package filled to the brim with good-quality photo clip art. These royalty-free images can help dress up school projects, personal web pages, reports, and more.

The program's search engine and interface are well done. Photo Clip Art 100,000 is easy to use and performs well. When users run a search, the results appear complete with thumbnails of the images (see screenshot at left). Users can browse through the results and opt to view a larger preview or export an image after responding to the prompt to place the appropriate CD in the drive (there are 7 CDs in total). Of course, disc-swapping can be cumbersome. Images are organized by keyword, category, and collection. They are very easy to find, and a small information icon accompanies each thumbnail offering users relevant details about the image.

The images in the collection are very easy to export. Double-clicking on an image brings up an Export Wizard (see screenshot at right) that guides users through the process. When possible, images can be resized or flipped, and a background color selected, before exporting. Alternately, images can be copied and then pasted into your own image composer software, or dragged and dropped into other applications.

This collection is well-organized. Attached to each image is a number of keywords, and our experience with the program suggests that they are logical and straightforward. 

The bonus application, Greeting Card Creator, is included with the program. If users register their product, they can download another bonus application, Jigsaw Puzzler, for free.

What is missing is a printed directory of images contained in the collection. However, thumbnails of the images are available for browsing on the computer screen. 

This program is the Windows version (Win 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP). A Mac version is also available ( HEMERA PHOTO CLIP ART 100K FOR).

If you are looking for a package with a wider variety of graphics types (not just photo clip art), Hemera's The Big Box of Art is an excellent choice--see our review.

**For more information, user reviews, or to buy: HEMERA PHOTO CLIP ART 100K US at


Note: Hemera clip art and photo clip art images are now available at, which offers a valuable subscription option so that users can download unlimited clip art (including photo clip art and photo objects) instead of purchasing a software title that contains far more clip art than necessary. Users can sign up for a one-week subscription and get exactly what they need for $14.95 US, or sign up for longer. We recommend trying the one-week subscription. This option is more cost-effective.

To get an idea of the kinds of clip art pictures you can find on the site, run a search here:


  • Especially user-friendly photo clip art program.
  • Well-organized image collection.
  • Excellent search engine.
  • Nice variety and range of graphics, grouped by category and graphics types.
  • Good-quality, realistic images.
  • Beginners will find this program very easy to use and understand, while the collection is also appropriate for experienced users.


  • No hard copy image directory.



For Windows By: Hemera Ages 9-up Published: 2002



Our Rating:


To Buy this CD-ROM:

Buy HEMERA PHOTO CLIP ART 100K US for $70 US or less at


Reviewed November 2002                                                                                                 Comments? Email us.

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