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Video Game  Review:    Backyard Soccer for PlayStation

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Top Pick Backyard Soccer has made its console debut. Now that the game is available for the PlayStation, it is even more accessible than ever. And, that's a good thing--it's very kid-friendly, filled with spirit, and responsible. 

Kids as young as 5 or 6 can enjoy this sports simulation, and parents have been known to play Backyard Sports titles for hours too! While children about 11 and up may prefer a more advanced sim, older siblings will probably join in nonetheless. Game-play is quite realistic, though some fantasy elements (like fun power-ups) are included to add to the fun. 

Players select team members from the Backyard Bunch (a group of animated kids of all shapes and sizes). They can even select a kid-version of a professional soccer player for their team! Children have the opportunity to simply play a pick-up game, or become more deeply involved by choosing League play. 


  • Fun, varied gameplay.
  • Child-friendly, nonviolent game.
  • Emphasizes team spirit and the value of the team.





For PlayStation One By: Infogrames    Published: 2001


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To Buy this CD-ROM:

Buy Backyard Soccer for about $19.99 US at

 Reviewed December 2001                                                                                                 Comments? Email us.

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