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Children's Software Review:    Reader Rabbit Learn to Read with Phonics (Preschool to Kindergarten)

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Top Pick Offering a systematic approach to learning to read as well as a free-play option, this excellent program starring Reader Rabbit and friends is our top choice for practicing early reading skills. 

In the adventure mode, children travel from one letter land to the next. Each explores the sound of a featured letter of the alphabet and contains basic games that reinforce phonics as well as introduce sight words. At the end of each letter land, a storybook that incorporates the new sounds and words is earned. These books are interactive and rather fun, and kids can record their own voices and play back their narration. 

The program can be played in an open-ended fashion as well. Children can access the program's games, an ABC screen, songs, and storybooks as they please. Kids not ready for, or interested in, a systematic approach to learning to read can still enjoy the software and benefit from its reading activities in this mode.

A second CD-ROM is an older title that focuses on three-letter words. A lot of content is featured here in its four games that build phonics skills.

This title has shown us the most consistent results of all the early learn-to-read software programs. Parents who work with their kids and help motivate them will appreciate Reader Rabbit Learn to Read with Phonics.

  • Excellent practice with both phonics and sight word recognition.
  • Storybooks that incorporate words just learned are the rewards. 
  • Two modes of play -- a systematic one, and a free-play mode.


  • Sometimes repetitive, though repetition is necessary in learn-to-read systems.



For Win/Mac By The Learning Company  Ages 4-6 Published: 2001


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 Reviewed October 2001                                                                                                    Comments? Email us.

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