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Children's Software Review:    Rugrats Munchin Land

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This CD-ROM is great fun. It's both a play on the Wizard of Oz and the game Candy Land--Rugrats-style! As the story goes: the Rugrats are playing on a park merry-go-round when a tornado picks them up and they are transported to a strange land. They're off to find the Whizzer...the wonderful Whizzer of Odd. Kids can play the game as Chuckie the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Twins, Tommy the Scarecrow, or Kimmy, a girl from Kansas, and her dog Spike. Rugrats Munchin Land plays like a board game, but either one or two players can play! If kids select a one-player game, they don't compete against anyone, not even the computer--and this option is actually very pleasant.

Kids select a level (easy, medium, or hard) and they're off to meet Angelica, the Wicked Witch of the West, and Suzi, the Good Witch of the North. Players' goal is to find the Whizzer of Odd in Marigold City by traveling through 4 lands of Odd. Along the way, they collect Golden "Paciflyers" (gold pacifiers found, and earned, throughout the game) for the Gatekeeper (Dil). 

Starting in Munchin Land, kids being spinning the spinner to see which game space they will move to next. If they land on a space occupied by a tornado, they are "turnadoed" off to a mini-game. Mini-games can include a picture puzzle, a maze, a repeat-the-pattern game, or a game that involves trying to collect as many objects as possible. If they land on a Treasure Chest, they get a surprise. If the spinner lands on Suzi, she endows players with a special protective "kiss"--and this kiss protects them from the Wicked Witch who likes to steal goods from players. 

The kids loved the spinner concept and the surprise elements of the game. They enjoyed referring to the map in order to get a better idea about where they were going. Cute Rugrats-esque dialog is featured, such as "don't forget to remember!" Angelica comes in and says, "Too bad, you lost" in a nasty voice when kids lose a mini-game, which might intimidate some players. There are some repetitive instructions as well. But overall, it is an exceptionally fun game. Even though only one or two players can play, it's still a party game in the sense that kids pull up chairs to watch the action. 

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  • Very appealing, easy-to-learn game.
  • Some problem-solving skills required.


  • Some repetitive instructions.

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Published: 2002 By: THQ Ages 6-9 Win


Rugrats - Swirl
Rugrats - Swirl
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