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Software Review:    Scrabble Complete

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This latest version of Scrabble for the PC is called Scrabble Complete, but it's not particularly useful for those who already own Scrabble 2. For Scrabble fans who don't own the previous version, this game not only offers an always-available opponent for traditional Scrabble games, it also includes an assortment of fun games that actually help players hone their skills and improve their game.

Players can play against a human opponent (which is a little awkward) or opt to vie against Maven, the computer opponent. Her skill level is customizable -- players can set her skill to novice, intermediate, advanced, expert, or champion, or they can customize her skill set. Players are offered a number of game preference options. They can opt to enable (or disable) game hints (if hints are enabled, at any point in the game, players can get progressive hints), guides, challenge penalty, timer penalty, timers, and so forth. The game can be played in Tournament Mode as well. 

Scrabble fans will find that this game is great for keeping the game moving forward at a decent pace. The program can auto-pick players' tiles, provides automatic scoring, and players don't need to wait too long for their computer opponent to take her turn. 

Mini-games include 2- and 3-letter Anagram games; a Prefix or Suffix Game (where players are given a prefix or suffix, like "ant" or "tri", and need to find all the possible words with their given tiles), a Word Placement Game (which challenges players to find the best position to play a given word on the board), Best Play (in which players are given tiles and must find the best play on an in-progress game), Hook Words (where players are challenged to play tiles to form hook words), Bingo, Blitz (play moves against a timer), and Anagram Game. This last game is our favorite, and is pictured at right. Players are given a set of tiles and must find all the words in the rack. These mini-games vary in fun factor, but all are useful for improving one's game. 

The game comes with the optional GameSpy Arcade application, which is an online player-matching service that is free. Players can use this application to set up multiplayer games online.

The program comes with a bonus game, Boggle. This full CD-ROM features five word search games based on the popular Boggle board game. It's an older title (1997) but it is an appropriate bonus title. 


  • Customizable gameplay.
  • Plenty of options.
  • Brainy entertainment for kids.


  • Not an obvious improvement of Scrabble 2.



For Win/Mac By: Infogrames Ages 9-up Published: 2002



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Reviewed January 2003                                                                                            Comments? Email us.

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