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Software Review:    Sesame Street Toddler

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This all-new program, not to be confused with Sesame Street Toddler released some years back by The Learning Company, is part of an early learning series starring characters from Sesame Street. Big Bird, Elmo, and Cookie Monster star, and familiar voices can be heard, in this software title that teaches alphabet, number, shape, and color recognition skills.  

Sesame Street Toddler has a lot going for it. Besides the characters themselves, early learning skills are thoroughly explored, the soundtrack is fun, and some design elements are very pleasing. Children choose from six main activities, and each contains a nice variety of games and demonstrations. In the shapes and colors activity, for example, children first receive a demonstration of basic colors with Big Bird in which colors are named. Then, they move on to a game with Elmo in which they test their skills--they are given 3 blobs of color and are asked to find a specific color. Next in line is a demonstration of basic shapes with Cookie Monster, and a find-the-shape game follows. After this, kids combine colors and shapes in an explore mode, and then are tested with a game in which they must find specific colors and shapes. The Alphabet activity is similarly designed. Children progress through levels that have them identifying letters of the alphabet, letter sounds, beginning sounds, and more. The numbers 1-10 are similarly explored. A People in Your Neighborhood activity allows kids to watch video clips about people and their professions, and sounds of animals, musical instruments, transportation vehicles, and more are explored in another. Finally, a basic art activity has children placing stamps of objects and shapes on a background.

Because this program is designed for toddlers, it lost some points for some design issues. While many toddler software titles require limited mouse skills, children need to point-and-click in order to enjoy Sesame Street Toddler. The inability to click through character speech will be fine for patient children, but may frustrate others, particularly those with limited mouse skills. 


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Sesame Street Toddler - 3 Pack


  • If your child's name is on the list, Big Bird will speak it.
  • Much of the fun and humor of Sesame Street is captured.
  • More content-rich than many toddler software programs available. 
  • Lovable characters and fun graphics.
  • Encouraging feedback from characters.
  • Some learning concepts, like letters and numbers, are explored thoroughly.


  • Some slow transitions.
  • Requires more advanced mouse skills than many toddlers can handle.
  • Some learning concepts are too advanced for the age group.



For Win/Mac By: Encore Software  Ages 2-3 Published: 2002


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Reviewed April 2002                                                                                                 Comments? Email us.

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