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Children's Software Review:    Strawberry Shortcake: The Amazing Cookie Party



CD-ROM Review: Strawberry Shortcake: The Amazing Cookie Party

For Windows/Mac

By The Learning Company

Released: 2003

Reviewed: November 2003

Our Recommended Age: 4-6

Our Rating: C





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Strawberry Shortcake has made a comeback. This new computer game starring the adorable doll and friends features gorgeous eye "candy" and some clever activities, but it suffers from a lack of variety and some confusing elements.

Strawberry Shortcake and some of her friends are having a tea party. The only things missing are enough cookies for all the other friends Strawberry wants to invite. They plan an amazing cookie party, and both Strawberry Shortcake and her cat Custard set off on a search for ingredients to make all the cookies they need for the party.

There are three main activities that allow children to earn ingredients for cookies, as well as a cookie-making activity. One game involves surfing on a graham cracker surfboard through Fudge River, collecting cookie ingredients. Another game is a rather clever logic activity. Kids need to collect oranges from the tree branches. In order to do so, they use tools, such as peppermint sticks and marshmallows, to guide the rolling oranges into a basket. This activity is somewhat difficult to master, but kids that don't get frustrated by the activity will use their brains to get their "contraption" working properly.

Another activity involves creating "cake houses". This very simple (in fact, too simple) creativity game grows somewhat monotonous over time.

Finally, at the cookie factory, kids make different varieties of cookies by paying attention to recipes and using the ingredients they have collected in the other activities. Kids need to follow directions and use some trial and error skills to put the ingredients in the correct tubes.  

As pretty as the graphics are, there simply isn't enough variety of activities to sustain children's interest in the game. Two of the activities are very basic, while the other two require thinking skills that will challenge many young children.


  • Gorgeous eye candy.
  • Two of the activities require higher order thinking skills. 

  • Limited, sometimes confusing content.
  • Lack of variety--not enough games.


Our Rating:




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...MORE (see screenshots and notes from the game)


Reviewed November 2003
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