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Software Review:    Does it Belong?: Preschool

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Based on School Zone’s colorful Get Ready! workbook of the same name, this CD-ROM helps preschoolers exercise logical thinking skills, effectively laying the groundwork for reading and math skills they’ll need in the years to come. Children work through 30 virtual workbook pages, though it hardly feels like work at all. Fun exercises, satisfying sound effects, and simple but bold graphics keep the entertainment level high, and there are arcade-style activities conveniently inserted between educational activities in case that's not enough fun. Clear directions and an entirely intuitive interface mean kids can work independently. Activities featured include considering groups of pictures and identifying which object does not belong, examining a detailed picture in order to find an object that is out of place, and determining objects that belong, for example, at the beach. Kids learn to discern likenesses and differences – an important precursor to many school skills. Downsides are almost negligible considering the package’s low price tag of approximately $20 US, but important to note. One of the games is very difficult to master for children in the suggested age group, and though the exercises feature randomized content, they feel very much the same the second and third time through. However, a printed workbook is included in the package and children will have a great time with the program.

  • Uncommonly fun program
  • Simple, straightforward interface
  • Automatic grading
  • Children can work independently


  • Not a whole lot of depth or breadth to the educational content.



For Win95/98 Pentium+; Mac: PowerPC 601+ OS 7.5.5+ By: School Zone Interactive    Ages 3-4 Published: 2000


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Reviewed May 2001                                                                                                    Comments? Email us.

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