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Software Review:    Shapes: Preschool

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Giggling animated stars, shapes that come alive onscreen, and arcade-style activities dress up drill in this "electronic workbook" for preschoolers. Based on, and packaged with, the School Zone printed Shapes workbook, this CD-ROM offers a bright and engaging system for practicing early learning skills. There are 30 virtual workbook pages to work through, and along the way, children are treated to colorful animated surprises and games like shooting colorful shapes from a cannon in a circus setting and carefully directing a seal so that bouncing balls stay in the air. The activities range from simply identifying a given shape in a colorful picture to connecting the dots in order to build a basic shape. A turtle’s footprints identify the completed pages – they’re red if there was an error made on a page, or green if children successfully finish the exercise page. 

While exercises are randomized, many of the same images reappear the second and third times through, so replay value is slightly diminished. However, this program is so simple and appealing, children will have an enormously fun time "working" through it.

  • Graphics and audio are exceptionally appealing
  • Simple, straightforward presentation


  • Though exercises are randomized, the educational content is not very broad



For Win/Mac By: School Zone Interactive    Ages 3-4 Published: 2000


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 Reviewed May 2001                                                                                                    Comments? Email us.

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