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Toy Review:    Apples to Apples Junior!

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Top Pick. We are entirely impressed with this game! Apples to Apples Junior! is based on the party game, Apples to Apples, but it is designed to be enjoyed by children as young as 7. This game is oh so funny and very educational. 

The box simply consists of cards -- red apple cards and green apple cards -- in a tray. Players are dealt 5 red apple cards each. These cards each feature a word (such as "ants", "grocery store", or "my hair") along with a definition. The player who has been chosen as "the Judge" draws a green apple card. The green cards feature a descriptive word (such as "spooky", "important", "large", or "funny") with synonyms of the word. The other players then look at their concealed red cards and attempt to find the card in their hand that BEST fits with the green card word. For example, if the green card word is "large" and a player has a hand with the words "ants", "the first day of school", "pajamas", "grocery store", and "my hair", then he/she might decide to play the card "grocery store" as one that best fits the word "large". Each player selects a card, lays it in front of them, and then the judge mixes up the played cards and makes a "judgment" on which card is the best fit. The beauty of the game is that the decision is at the discretion of the judge!  

Kids really laugh through the game and they learn vocabulary words and associations at the same time. This is a hilarious thinking game. Note that the nature of the game means that it can't be played by just two kids. It's a party game! In fact, Apples to Apples Junior is just wonderful for promoting social interactions. It's a almost as fun to watch as it is to play. (Parents will just love watching kids giggle, negotiate, and associate!)

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Card Game    By: Out of the Box Publishing    Ages 7-up  2002


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