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Toy Review:    Step 2's Creative Art Center

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An easel is one of the most educationally valuable play units to have on hand. Young kids are proud to draw and write on boards that everyone in the house can see clearly. Besides the ability to display their artwork, kids appreciate the freedom they get when they can do their work on an upright surface. 

This easel from Step 2 is sturdy and unique. It has 4 boards altogether--two of which are whiteboards, while the other two are chalkboards. On one side, a triangular-shaped table connects the two boards--add a chair to this area, and your child has a little cubby for his/her sit-down creations. Up to three children can enjoy the center at once, making it ideal for families with several young children.

When kids want to create take-away artwork, they can attach a piece of paper to any one of the center's clips, or use the little "desk" for their workspace.

The design of this art center is pleasing. It easily folds for handy portability, and its sturdiness will be appreciated by any parent with small children. Expect fantastic longevity, though kids will eventually outgrow the center's appearance and height. 

Those families who find this center too bulky or not quite right for their decor may want to look into purchasing a wooden-framed, double-sided easel. Those that have the room will likely be quite pleased with this affordable and well-designed center.

You may be surprised at how the Creative Art Center attracts attention and motivates kids to start creating.

  • Well-designed and sturdy.
  • Up to 3 kids can enjoy the center at once.


  • Slightly more bulky than a traditional double-sided easel.


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Electronic Toy By: LeapFrog       Ages 3-6 Published: 2001


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