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Toy Review:    Dancing Deedle Dudes - Frog, Cat, Dog, Mouse, Horse, and Cow

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Top Pick. What fun! These "dudes" are adorable. Pick them up, poke them, or make a loud noise and they start to sing a funky song and move to their own beat. There are six Dancing Deedle Dudes in all -- a frog, cat, dog, horse, mouse, and cow. These stuffed animals are soft with terry fabric, although their innards make their base a little hard. 

These voice-activated animals appeal to all ages. Babies are fascinated by them; they elicit plenty of giggles from toddlers and preschoolers; and they delight older kids and adults. We had a chance to try each model out at once, and kid testers had a fantastic time getting them to sing in chorus (they all sing the same funky song) by lining them up on the table and lightly banging the surface to activate them. Very cute! The song is catchy (you'll find yourself singing the little ditty even when they are at rest), unique, and totally upbeat. 

All models are adorable, but we were partial to the frog and cat simply because their arms are easy enough to manipulate (fold and tie up, for example), giving them a slight edge (in our minds) over the others.

These toys come equipped with 2 'AA' batteries--pull out the plastic tab and they're ready to charm you as they belt out "dude, deedle-deedle dude" and move their heads from side to side. Adorable!

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Toy    By: Imagiix Toys  Ages 3-up  2002




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