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Toy Review:    Headbanz

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This game is hilarious fun, especially for preschoolers. Up to 6 players each wear a headband with an "I am a..." picture card slipped into its slot. Each child can see their opponents' "identities", but not their own. Headbanz is a guessing game that develops thinking skills. As children ask questions in an attempt to figure out what they "are" -- be it a dog, a flower, or even a trash can -- they learn to choose questions that will give them the best clues.

There are 96 cards in the game -- enough for many rounds of giggling fun. Sample questions, such as "Am I something people eat?" and "What color am I?", are included to get kids started. But the most amusement comes from kids' original questions. It's silly and at times crazy, but it's wholesome -- and educational -- fun.

  • Though the game is best for preschoolers, older children will have a great time playing as well.
  • Promotes strategic thinking.


  • None noted.


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Board Game By: Pressman Toy       Ages 3-7 Published: 2001


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Buy Headbanz at local stores or through the company's web site: Pressman Toy

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