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Toy Review:    Leap's Phonics Pond

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Top Pick This fantastic "smart toy" from electronic toy experts, LeapFrog, fits in a preschooler's lap. It flashes and talks, and teaches early phonics from letters and letter sounds to three-letter words.

Featuring buttons designed to look like lily pads and labeled with lowercase letters, this toy reinforces and teaches the alphabet expertly. Six modes of play accommodate children of varying skills, interests, and ages. The most basic mode allows kids to press a letter and hear it spoken aloud. In another mode, the toy challenges preschoolers to find specific letters. A phonics mode helps kids identify the letters and the phonics sounds they make. The final two modes involve three-letter words--kids are challenged to spell given words, or they can attempt to build their own! Parents who imagine their child discovering inappropriate or taboo words will be pleased to know that these are blocked from the toy's "vocabulary".

Kids can always press the music button to hear the alphabet song as they play. The toy is also quite portable--its size is ideal for little laps.

Vowels are cleverly distinguishable from consonants--these buttons are green instead of purple. This opens up an opportunity for parents to discuss their importance in word-building. 

This toy is hugely educational, and equally as entertaining. It is affordable too at approximately $19.95 US. 

  • Both free-play and directed modes.
  • Children develop alphabet recognition, phonics, and word-building skills.
  • Educational and entertaining at the same time.


  • None noted.


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Electronic Toy By: LeapFrog       Ages 3-6 Published: 2001




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Note: This product has been replaced with the following: Leap Phonics Library

Reviewed November 2001/Updated March 2004 Comments? Email us.

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