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Toy Review:    Music Blocks

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Top Pick Though Music Blocks has been on the market for a couple of years now, it continues to impress us and any child (or parent) who comes in contact with it.

Toddlers compose music by arranging--and rearranging--colorful blocks in the electronic toy's base. The included cartridge allows each of the musical blocks to "play" a musical phrase of a Mozart melody. Placing a block onto the base on its different sides produces the sounds of different instruments playing the same musical phrase. Experimenting with different musical phrases and various arrangements (including violin, voice, woodwinds, and more) is a lot of fun, especially when the music sounds as rich as it does with this unique toy. 

Though marketed towards kids ages 2-7, kids as young as 1 (with supervision) will find this toy engaging. Other cartridges are available, but be aware that they, too, are expensive. 

Update: This toy has been re-released with a new look, pictured above, and is now 2.0 Music Blocks. 

  • A unique and exciting way for kids to experiment with music
  • Educationally rich
  • Sound quality is exceptional
  • Has withstood the test of time--its replay value is high.


  • The toy's price is a little steep.


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Electronic Toy By: Neurosmith       Ages 1-4  



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