Review:    My Story Song - Winky Wizard, The Birthday Burglar, and...(Child's Name)

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This is a fun personalized story/CD set. Winky Wizard, the Birthday Burglar, and (Your Child's Name) features an audio CD personalized with your child's name and a read-along storybook starring your child in a fabulous adventure. The storybook contains blanks for filling in your child's name, and this can be done either by a caregiver or child. 

The CD tells the story of a wizard named Winky who is in charge of guarding your child's birthday. But something has gone wrong! Someone has stolen the birthday, and everyone else's birthday too! In the end, of course, the birthday is "found" and everything is resolved in a fair and caring manner. The story features engaging narration, songs, and sound effects. 

The experience this product offers kids is delightfully personal -- kids just love hearing their own name, and parents can help their children read along in the book as the audio plays. Cute voice-acting, a suspenseful story, and a set of stickers for added fun -- this set is unique.

This makes an ideal birthday gift for children approximately ages 3-6, but kids will enjoy listening to the story at any time of year. It's short enough to hold a young child's interest. (It's short but very sweet!) offers this product as well as sets of companion stickers and party favor ideas. 

For more information, or to buy: MyStorySong - Free U.S. Postal Service Shipping on all Internet orders. You can also order by phone. Call toll free, 1-888-800-3150, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



2002 MyStorySong Ages 3-6  


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