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This is a truly fun and very educational electronic toy from Neurosmith. It can be played in so many ways that it makes it a superior learning aid for children from as young as 2-3 and up to 7. 

Phonics Tiles features slots for 26 alphabet tiles (both uppercase and lowercase letters). Children place the tiles into the Learning Board at top, which allows them to create words as long as 5 letters. There are 4 modes of play: kids can hear a song about letters and letter sounds, play a game (finding a letter or a picture), explore sounds and build words, or spell requested words. 

Whether or not your child has placed a real word onto the Learning Board, it will be sounded out. If it is a recognized word, it will be read aloud after it is sounded out. Furthermore, the toy tracks learning progress. So if a child has just placed the word "ran" on the board in Explore mode, Learn mode might ask them to spell the word "pan". 

We had a few small complaints: for one, if a child continually misspells a requested word, the answer is not given. Instead, they unit moves on to another word. For another, because there is only one tile of each letter, that limits the words kids can build. Otherwise, it provides a pleasant interactive experience. Although pricey, Phonics Tiles is a superior learning toy. It can be placed on the ground or hung on the wall. Volume control comes in dial-form which gives users more control over the sound. And, speaking of sound, it is crystal-clear--an important feature for toys of this nature! Undesirable words are "bleeped" out. 

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Educational Toy    By: Neurosmith    Ages 3-7  2002



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