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Toy Review:    The Primary Time Teacher: 24-hr Learning Clock(Also called Large Learning Clock)

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Top PickThis fantastic educational toy is a must-have for families with young children. While there are other learning clocks on the market, this is the sturdiest, most instructive of the bunch.

Telling time is a skill that demands lots of practice and, well, time. No matter how a child learns the intricacies of time-telling, this clock is wonderful to have on hand.

As a child or adult moves the minute hand on the large, readable face, a digital-style clock tracks the changes. Pop open the windows at the bottom, and you'll get an accurate time (in 5-minute increments)!

We have played with this toy for many months, and, along the way, it was subject to plenty of bumps and action. Still, it displays time with impressive accuracy. Our 5-year-old tester returns to the clock often. As she watched a video about telling time, she ran to get the clock to follow along. Because kids can manipulate the hands easily, they'll do a lot of experimentation and learn a whole lot as they do.

  • Large, readable face.
  • Sturdy design contributes to longevity.
  • Tracks digital time in 5-minute increments as kids move the minute hand.


  • None noted.


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Learning Toy By: Learning Resources      Ages 3-8 Published: 2001


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Large Learning Clock by Learning Resources

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Small Learning Clock by Learning Resources

Reviewed December 2001   Comments? Email us.

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