Children's Toy Review:    3rd Grade Science - Quantum Pad Book

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This add-on book for the interactive Quantum Pad Learning System (read more about the system here) is designed to teach and reinforce third-grade science concepts through games and interactive fun. 

The first spread deals with the question, "What is Science?" and kids can explore the scientific method, listen to a Scientist Rap, and more. A number of famous scientists are featured in this latter activity -- some from history, such as Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo, and others recent scientists like Jane Goodall and Mae C. Jemison. When kids point their magic pen to Einstein, they hear this rap: "My teachers thought I wasn't smart/I opened up their eyes/I discovered relativity/And won the Nobel Prize".

On the "What's the Matter?" spread, children can play a game that quizzes them on their knowledge of solids, gases, and liquids (and they learn a bit about the characteristics of particles for each), and play a guessing game to find an object using clues based on the five senses. 

The Sound spread features a paper piano that kids can play in an open-ended manner, or challenge themselves with games to identify sounds at different pitches. They can "see sounds" and take part in a "jam" here as well. Diverse facts are presented here, such as the meaning of an echo and the reason why larger instruments have a lower pitch.

Other pages allow kids to explore the colors of the rainbow, estimate the melting and freezing points of different matter, classify animals according to the foods they eat, identify animal habitats, explore the solar system, and more. Plenty of spreads are devoted to wildlife in different climates and habitats. Our tester's favorite game involved identifying a "mystery meal" according to clues given by the predators, prey, and scavengers in the African Savanna.

The book comes with a nice Parent Guide complete with a curriculum guide, vocabulary and concept reviews (designed for parents to quiz their children), an answer key, and suggested activities to reinforce concepts learned in the book. 

A Quantum Pad Learning System unit is required to use this book. There are plenty of other titles in the series now available.

[For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Quantum Pad Book: 3rd Grade Science]

  • Packed with facts and games.
  • Holds tremendous appeal.
  • Very engaging games and fun sound effects.
  • Kids can play and learn independently.
  • Just the right "attitude" for the target age group.
  • Portable learning fun.


  • A little too chatty, at times interfering with the learning process. 




For the Quantum Pad Learning System      By: LeapFrog  Ages 7-9 Published: 2003


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