Toy Review:    Scrap Metal Sculptures

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We had such fun with these original little "sculptures". Scrap Metal Sculptures by HogWild Toys are objects made out of scrap metal and held together by magnets. Sets consist of a number of metal pieces, such as chains, nuts, bolts, spines, and so forth. Each comes with instructions for assembling a particular junkyard sculpture, such as a dog or a woman, but kids are free to build whatever their imagination conjures up.

Pictured at right is a cool metal cat named Gadget and at left is Gizmo, a posable metal dog. These sets use a tin box as a torso with three bar magnets that kids place inside the box. Kids add paper clips, chains, magnet noses, and so on to dress up each "pet" and give them odd but effective details. Both junkyard pets measure about 6 inches high. Kids can make their new metal friends sit or lie down--and they are very charming!  

A number of posable people sculptures are also available. Ratchet, pictured at right, is made of barrel nuts, a "hoop skirt", hat fan, chain hair, and all sorts of other scraps--and of course she's held together by magnets. Remember that kids can and will make other sculptures after they've assembled the model according to instructions. Our tester used the scrap pieces for Ratchet into a bird, for example. Therein lies the beauty of these sets. They not only look very unique and impressive in an offbeat way, they inspire kids to look at any object as a potential piece for artwork. 

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Educational Toy    By: Hogwild Toys       Ages 8-up  2002


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