Toy Review:    Spelling Bee Bingo

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Spelling can involve lots of practice at home, but when this practice takes the form of a game instead of homework, kids don't mind at all. This game combines the proven fun of BINGO with letter and word recognition learning. Two levels of game-play are possible -- the easiest level plays like a game of BINGO except that the cards feature two words, such as cat and tire. An adorable cartoon illustrates both words at once (in our example, a cat is perched on a tire swing). A plastic tub shaped like a bumble bee holds the plastic letters. Children place transparent coins on the letters that are called, and whoever spells a word first gets to shout "BINGO". The second level features slightly more difficult spelling words and involves working with a deck of word cards. 

The game is simple, and the concept is nothing ground-breaking, but Spelling Bee Bingo is fun and worth every penny of its $10 US suggested retail price. 

  • Easy to follow game rules.
  • Two levels of game-play to accommodate growing skills.


  • The BINGO cards are not laminated, so the game may easily become worn.


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Board Game By: Pressman Toy       Ages 3-7 Published: 2001


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