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This package is a bundle of four CD-ROMs:

  • Birth Horoscope Interpreter
  • Oracle of Changes
  • Tarot Magic
  • The Art of Palmistry   

You won't get super-dazzling multimedia with most of the CDs in this set, but you will enjoy some decent interpretations--from the perspectives of Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry and the I-Ching. 

The Astrology CD-ROM, Birth Horoscope Interpreter, features some helpful, professional descriptions of different points in a person's natal chart (birth horoscope). It's relatively easy to use, although novices may need time to get accustomed to the interface. The best feature of this disc is its well-written interpretations--they're never dire, and always growth-oriented. 

The astrological meanings of the planets, signs, houses, and more are given in addition to the personalized interpretations. Reports and charts are printable. This program is well done, exploring the Astrology of an individual in depth.

Tarot Magic offers 10 Tarot decks to choose from and an equal number of spreads. Interpretations of the cards on their own, as well as their positions in the selected spread, are given. Also included are some essays on the history and use of the Tarot. This CD-ROM is intriguing.

The Art of Palmistry features a palm simulation, interpretations of the different lines, mounts, and other markings on the hand, and a palmistry glossary. The experience is not unlike reading a book on the computer. However, the interpretations are fascinating for anyone with an interest in the subject.

Finally, the Oracle of Changes is based on the I-Ching. Users ask a burning question, cast the coins when they're ready, and then read the "solution" to their problem. They can have a good time trying to align the question they have asked with the symbolism offered. The answers are rather poetic and symbolic, and users are encouraged to add their own notes to their readings. Corresponding artwork is included to add to the whole experience.

Graphically, the Oracle of Changes is the most dazzling. The others don't feature especially captivating multimedia, but they do deliver some satisfying interpretations. 

Some will argue that authenticity is lost when divinatory arts are performed on the computer--especially with the I-Ching and Tarot (for example, holding the deck of cards in one's hands is considered important when doing a Tarot reading). The Oracle of Changes attempts to overcome this by allowing the user to simulate the casting of the coins themselves, using their mouse.


NOTE: A 2-CD-ROM set that includes Birth Horoscope Interpreter and The Art of Palmistry is available for approximately $9.99 US. To buy, click here: Ultimate Home Horoscope & Palmistry 2 CD-ROM Set (Jewel Case)



  • Economical set of 4 CD-ROMs.
  • Interpretations given are quite  interesting.
  • The astrology CD features excellent interpretations that dig deeper into the subject than most.
  • Captivating graphics in the Oracle of Changes CD.


  • Some of the discs are lacking in the multimedia department.



For Windows By: Topics Entertainment  Ages 12-up Published: 2001


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