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Based on the UpWords board game, which in turn is loosely based on Scrabble, this well-designed CD-ROM delivers a good time for any word-game aficionado. 

If you’re not already familiar with the game, players spell words on the game board grid using their letter tiles in order to score points. The twist here is that there’s a third dimension to game-play – letters are stackable, so that lone can not only become alone, but also long or along. An easy scoring system is understandable for people of all ages, and multiplayer options are available including Internet or network play. Playing against the computer’s artificial intelligence, Maven (that will be familiar to owners of Hasbro’s Scrabble CD-ROM), is fun because you’ll never have to wait for lengthy periods while she decides which words to play, and, best yet, you get to choose her skill level. There are 10 levels of challenge, but if you get anywhere close to 10, be ready to feel very feeble-minded. 

Other modes are available beyond the classic UpWords game-play, including Challenge version which is essentially a race to have your color-coded tiles outnumber your opponent’s, and Solitaire in which you play against yourself in an attempt to better your previous scores. 

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  • Very fun program for word lovers.
  • Appropriate for children 9 and up, as well as adults.
  • Easy to understand and play.


  • Variations on the game of UpWords, but those looking for more variety in word games might look for word game compilation titles. 


For Win/Mac By: Infogrames    Published: 2000





Play the actual board game! It's loads of fun and it's educational too.

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