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This straightforward and captivating video series is designed to expose babies and toddlers to basic vocabulary in a foreign language. Each video is entirely dedicated to a single foreign language--be it Spanish, French, German, or others--which is refreshingly simple and focused. What's more, each video in the series features similar content and format, making it easy for parents to offer more than one language to their children without over-stimulating or confusing them.

Each video features live-action video of real-life objects and people. Plenty of friendly faces and familiar, everyday objects appear on the screen, helping to keep young children engaged. New vocabulary is introduced one word at a time before it is combined into a sentence. For example, in Section 1, the foreign language equivalent of boy, eat, and apple are introduced one by one, and then the sentence, The boy eats the apple, is spoken and illustrated. Each new vocabulary word is illustrated in two different ways--for example, two women in different settings illustrate the word for mother.

Section 2 introduces numbers in different ways--naming the numerals, counting objects (1,2,3,4,5,6...six apples), and asking young viewers how many objects are on the screen.

Section 3 introduces colors one by one, and then identifies the color of each item onscreen (for example, a brown horse). Children are asked, What color is the horse? After a pause, the narrator answers the question. 

Sections 4 & 5 introduce familiar words, phrases, and sentences like I love you, and thank you.

The material introduced in the first 5 sections is sensibly reviewed in Section 6 of the video--the final segment--complete with traditional tunes.

"Lessons" are organized and follow a logical sequence. Still, the videos manage to be rather engaging. How engaging they will be to your little one will depend largely on his or her character and age--patient toddlers will love all the visuals while babies and more video-savvy preschoolers may not be interested. 


  • Simple, straightforward presentation.
  • The videos are well-organized with structured learning.
  • Each video in the series is devoted to a single foreign language, providing focused learning opportunities.
  • Immersion approach to learning is appropriate for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.


  • Children who demand lots of excitement from their videos may lose interest.
  • Babies may be uninterested--the videos are better for toddlers and preschoolers.


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VHS Small Fry Productions    Ages 1-5 Published: 1999




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