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Top Pick. This latest Blue's Clues video, starring animated dog Blue and live-action host Steve, is a wonderful exercise in word recognition. Even if your child is not ready to actually read words, the video will reinforce the concept that words have meaning.  

In the first episode of this two-episode video, Blue has a Big Bag of Words that is brimming with words, big ones and little ones. From "me" to "you" to "wiggle", viewers are exposed to word after word. The game of Blue's Clues involves hunting for three pawprint clues in order to find the answer to the question: What do we do with all these words? Steve uses a pair of "look" glasses (the glasses are in the form of the word "look", with holes for the eyes through the letters "o") in his hunt for clues. Even the clues are in the form of printed words! A delightful sequence has Blue and Steve "skidooing" to a place where they have the "power of words"--any word they hold up will magically make it appear! What to do when they pull up the word "lion"? Pull up the word "tame", of course.

Besides emphasizing the concept and value of the printed word, this episode exposes kids to a delightful range of vocabulary words, like "scurry", "sluggishly", and "miniscule". 

The second episode takes kids on a hunt for clues to determine what Blue wants to read about in his book nook. In the process, they learn to organize the books into categories, listen and watch as Steve reads a storybook, and follow Steve and Blue on a visit to the library. Marlee Matlin makes a brief guest appearance (she also appeared in the video, Blue's Clues: All About Signs).

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Blue's Clues - Reading with Blue (VHS) 


  • Powerful educational content
  • Introduces children to print awareness.
  • Excellent for vocabulary building.


  • None noted.


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