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This designed-for-babies (and toddlers) video begins with an engaging Alphabet Song. Letters are then presented onscreen, one by one, with enthusiastic children voicing their names. Attention to each letter of the alphabet is then given. Both uppercase and lowercase letters are shown and named. Phonics sounds associated with each letter are not only offered, they are supported with objects that begin with the letter. Live-action video of children at play, often holding large colorful letters, is found throughout the video, helping to keep interest levels up. 

This video is unique for its inclusion of lowercase letters along with their uppercase counterparts, as well as phonics sounds. For example, the letter D is associated with the word "dress", and the narrator helps children make the connection by saying, "d-d-d-dress". After a group of mini-lessons about a few letters are given, children are asked, for example, "what does the letter A say?" and onscreen children provide answers. This provides kids with a nice recap. The question-and-answer format adds an interactive component that is invaluable. 

Although the pace of the video quickly becomes predictable, many families will enjoy the gentle and sequential lessons Brainy Baby ABC's provides. It certainly feels organized. 

The DVD edition features a chaptering option.

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  • Both uppercase and lowercase letters are presented.
  • Phonics sounds are offered and supported with examples.
  • Live-action video of children is interesting to young children.
  • No unnecessary distractions to manipulate the attention of young children.


  • For younger children, the video presents a lot of concepts to absorb -- may be overwhelming to some.
  • Predictable pace may not grab the attention of less patient children.


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