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While the concept isn't new, the musical accompaniment in this designed-for-tots video is fresh--and refreshing! Country renditions of nursery favorites (like Old MacDonald and On Top of Old Smokey) provide an especially relaxing musical backdrop for gently stimulating visuals in Country Baby! VHS.  

The video is divided into segments dedicated to colors. Live-action scenes feature toys that spin and move, nature scenes, and more. Demonstrations of toys that are particularly fascinating to very young children, such as mobiles, in addition to cute puppet sequences, are exactly the right length for the target audience. The color "red", for example, is demonstrated with a red wagon, cowboy hat, and tomatoes; humorous puppet sequences tickle young viewers with peek-a-boo games; and fun sound effects enliven toy sequences that encourage toddlers to visually "track" balls as they roll down the ramps.

The video isn't as slick as some, but this only adds to its charm. 

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