Video Review:    Dora the Explorer: Wish on a Star

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Dora the Explorer is a new Nick Jr. television show that mimics an adventure on the computer and introduces kids to some new Spanish words. Wish on a Star features two fun episodes of the kid-charming animated show. Each episode features a new Spanish word for kids to learn, as well as some assorted basic words that are used in each episode. 

In the first episode, Dora and Boots, her monkey friend, introduce themselves and ask young viewers if they ever wish on a star. Then, Dora asks viewers to call upon her backpack, in the interactive fashion that is characteristic of the series. Which of the six items in her backpack will help them see very far away? The program pauses long enough for viewers to make a selection and call it out. But while Dora and Boots are making their wish, a comet blazes past the little star in the sky, causing Little Star to plummet to the ground. This sets up the story of the first episode on the video--after meeting up with the sad star and making her feel better with a song, our little explorers need to get the star back home to the moon. With the help of another object-come-to-life, the Map, and a chant, "bridge, tree, tall mountain", the troupe make their way to return Little Star to her home in the sky. Along the way, assorted challenges face them. For example, in order to pass the Troll Bridge, kids must count the stars.

In the second episode, Dora reads a book about wishes, starring adorable creatures named Wizzles. One of the Wizzles leaps out of the book into Dora's world. The little Wizzle's three wishes blow away, and the gang needs them in order to wish the Wizzle back home to his mommy and daddy. 

The interactive nature of the show is commendable, as are the songs and fun animation. 


  • Teaches kids problem-solving, navigational, and foreign language skills
  • Bright, cheerful animations


  • We wish there were more educational lessons incorporated into the program.


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