Video Review:    Kipper: Tiger Tales

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Based on the adorable book series by Mick Inkpen, this video stars Kipper the Dog. Fans of Kipper's friend Tiger will enjoy the theme of this hour-long video--Tiger figures in each of its 7 episodes.

Kipper and Tiger explore the great outdoors as they go skating, camping, and even rowing. All sorts of surprises are waiting for the lovable dogs--the river they navigate seems to be mercilessly "wiggly", and it rains during their camping trip, for example.

The pace of Kipper episodes is unhurried--almost leisurely. Parents will find the video comes in handy for unwinding time before naps and bedtimes. Gentle lessons that help develop social skills are almost always featured. These stories explore issues like friendship and sharing, and they help young viewers see that there is a way to solve every problem, even when life is filled with little surprises.

  • Gentle lessons about being a friend, solving problems, and sharing.
  • Leisurely pace; fun stories of Kipper's misadventures.


  • May be too slow-moving for some children.


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VHS   Ages 1-6 Published: 2002


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