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Video/DVD Review:  Monsters, Inc.

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Monsters Inc. has made its way to video and DVD. This clever Disney/Pixar film features a pleasantly suspenseful story with plenty of plot twists, humor that appeals to both adult and child, and fantastic eye candy. 

The residents of Monstropolis, we learn, rely on the corporation, Monsters Inc., for their energy; and the company, in turn, relies on children's screams for their power. So it follows that at Monsters Inc., monsters are trained to scare human children so that they can collect their screams.

There is no better "scarer" than James P. Sullivan, otherwise known as Sulley. Voiced by John Goodman, Sulley is a big, furry, blue monster who we quickly discover has a heart with plenty of soft corners. His faithful companion, Mike, is expertly voiced by Billy Crystal. The pair, along with a wide assortment of other monsters, work for the Monsters, Inc. company, whose slogan is "We Scare Because We Care". 

Because in this monster world, there is "nothing more toxic than a human child", a clever spin on the monsters-under-the-bed childhood fear is presented--in fact, monsters are terrified of kids! It goes without saying that when a little girl follows Sulley into the Monster world, Sulley is in a huge predicament. In fact, it's a "child security breach" for the first time in Monstropolis history. To make matters worse, Sulley begins to grow attached to the child (who he has nicknamed "Boo"), much to the chagrin of Mike. 

The film is replete with humor that the whole family will enjoy. The one-eyed monster, Mike, for example, tells his girlfriend, "the first time I laid eye on you..." Wonderful plot twists keep kids engaged, and, of course, the graphics are outstanding. 

The DVD Edition

Oodles of extras are featured on the DVD Edition. There are 2 discs in the package--one for the movie proper, and the other holding a bunch of goodies. One such bonus is an all-new "Mike's New Car" short which is positively hilarious slapstick. Another animated short was originally shown along with Monsters, Inc., in theaters, entitled "For the Birds"--an Academy-award winning short. 

There is also an "outtake" parody that will delight both kids and their parents. Even games, played using the remote control, are included. Parents and some children will enjoy the "Humans Only" door, behind which they'll find an interesting "production tour". Visit the new Pixar studio, the "Monster Files", learn about how they designed the characters, and a whole lot more--all beautifully done.

With all of these extras (bonus skits, tours, and interactive games to play) on the DVD, Monsters, Inc. is an especially impressive edition, and it makes a worthwhile purchase.


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