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Video Review:    My Neighbor Totoro

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This sweet and compelling animated video was directed by Hayao Miyazaki. After their mother falls ill, two sisters move into a new home in Japan with their father. The video captures their excitement as they explore their new environment. Soon, the sisters discover magical creatures called Totoros. They befriend King Totoro, a huge, friendly being who makes trees grow. He watches over the girls as they discover nature and deal with their mother's illness.

Children accustomed to Pokemon will find the video's animation rather familiar. The pace is slow--perfect for winding down time, though children who demand high-energy video fare may not stay interested. However, our testers were entirely enamored with My Neighbor Totoro, asking to watch it again and again. The themes -- appreciation of nature, dealing with a move, and the love between sisters -- will please parents. This is a superb family film. 

Dubbed in English.

Update 2003: A DVD version of this title is now available!: My Neighbor Totoro (Two-Disc Special Edition) (DVD edition).

  • Positive message.
  • Imaginative and magical story that kids love.


  • Slow-moving.


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DVD   Ages 3-10 Published: 1993


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Reviewed March 2002   Comments? Email us.

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