Video Review:    Rock n Learn Nursery Rhymes

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Should Humpty Dumpty have been up on the wall without adult supervision? What important lesson about sharing can we learn from Jack and Jill?  

These questions and more are answered on this attention-grabbing video that not only features classic nursery rhymes, but also uses them as a jumping point for presenting important safety rules to kids.

Mother Goose wants to teach kids nursery rhymes, and Brother Goose is on hand to "jazz" the classics up. First up is Humpty Dumpty, which launches a rhyme about being careful that includes such practical safety tips as looking both ways before crossing the street and dialing 911. More than 40 rhymes are featured, including classics like Three Little Kittens and Jack and Jill. Little Jack Horner and Jack Spratt lay the groundwork for the main characters to discuss practical advice about food, like don't play with your food, and eat well. The subject of eating well in turn leads to a brief discussion about the importance of getting plenty of exercise, which naturally leads to a vignette of Row Row Row Your Boat

The graphics are a bit odd for parents, but fascinating for little kids. Particularly fun are the toes with faces in This Little Piggy.

Using nursery rhymes and all-new rhymes set to music, this video teaches kids valuable social skills, including manners and safety rules.


  • Teaches kids valuable social skills along with classic nursery rhymes.
  • Positive messages.
  • An interesting change of pace for preschoolers.


  • Slightly preachy.
  • Graphics are not as charming as those of most kids' videos.


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VHS Rock n Learn Tapes Ages 2-5 Published: 2001


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