DVD Review:    Sagwa: Sagwa's Storybook World

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Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat is a special PBS series set in late 19th century China. See more about the Sagwa series here. In this set of 6 episodes of this rich storytelling cartoon, Sagwa the cat embarks on a number of exciting adventures along with her brother and sister, her special friends Fu-Fu the Bat and the Mouse, the humans that Sagwa's family work for, and the neighborhood cats. 

This DVD includes six fun adventures entitled Explorer's Club, Treasure Hunters, Sick Day, Firefly Nights, Fu-Fu's Full Moon Flight, and Shei-Hu's Secret. 

In Explorer's Club, Sagwa wants to join her older brother's "club", but the group of cats are not always kind to her. When she doesn't get accepted, she decides to create her very own club. She sets out with her little sister, Sheegwa and her bat and mouse friends--and they end up getting more adventure than they bargained for! Sagwa's mischief opens up a hunt for a "treasure", long-lost scrolls, in Treasure Hunters, and in Shei-Hu's Secret, Sagwa is entrusted with a secret from her mouse companion, and she has a difficult time keeping it under wraps. Fu-Fu the bat's faith in himself gets seriously undermined by some mean-spirited bats who lead him to believe that he wouldn't be able to successfully lead this month's full moon flight in Fu-Fu's Full Moon Flight. Fu-Fu gets some important lessons about faith and confidence from a wise old bat and rescues Sagwa from a dangerous predicament.

These stories are rich in culture and unforced lessons about life, social interactions, morals, and growing up. Sagwa's parents offer firm but loving advice to their kittens. For example, Ba-Ba (Sagwa's father) tells his kids, "helping each other is what families do!" when they complain about having to take care of Sheegwa who is sick with a cold. The main characters are endearing and believable.

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