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coverIf your family hasn’t already discovered the fantastic world of Ralph’s World music, there is no better time than now. There are currently three Ralph’s World recordings on the market (Ralph’s World, At the Bottom of the Sea, and Happy Lemons), and each one is fabulous, hip, and contemporary fare for the whole family. Happiness reigns in all of Ralph Covert’s music for kids, and likewise in his new video/DVD, titled Ralph’s World: Say Hello!


The sincere, silly, and decidedly fun Ralph of Ralph’s World performs 16 of his songs, culled from all three of his musical recordings, along with happy, dancing children in Say Hello! All involved seem to be having such a great time, it’s hard not to like the video. Little ones—even those who are not already familiar with Ralph’s World—thoroughly enjoy the toe-tapping tunes on the video. Take “Betty Botter”, for example, that tells the story of a woman who bought bitter butter for her batter, or “Sammy the Dog” who has learned to play some mean trombone. One of our favorite Ralph’s World songs, “Four Little Duckies”, is one of the sixteen sketches on the video. 


Short animated sequences introduce each new tune, and children play-act many of the songs. The simple props and skits in the video keep the visuals uncomplicated. As such, focus is on the music--fantastic, earnest, and catchy music at that. Despite the simplicity of the backdrops, the props are certainly colorful enough to intrigue young viewers, and the simple dance routines are easy for little fans to copy and do at home. Down sides are that it’s only 37 minutes long, and doesn’t include our personal favorite Ralph’s World song ("Take a Little Nap"). The DVD edition includes a song selection option, an ideal feature for kids who want to quickly skip to their favorite sketch.


We are hoping to see more Ralph’s World videos/DVDs in the future, and crossing our fingers that we’ll get a chance to “see” our favorite song, "Take a Little Nap", played out onstage. We heartily recommend Say Hello!, especially for children ages 2-6.


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