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Video Review:    Start Smarter: Relax & Learn

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Top Pick. Oh, we just love this new made-for-babies video offering! It's not as polished as some, but it's filled with excellent learning opportunities.

Words, such as "on" and "bubbles", are spelled out using alphabet blocks, voiced clearly, used in sentences, and then demonstrated in clever ways. Classical music provides the audio backdrop for playful puppet sequences and fascinating objects. Start Smarter Relax & Learn is filled with fun sound effects, such as a giggling baby, and amusing sequences. Vocabulary words are repeated frequently by both adult and child narrators. Plenty of entertaining peek-a-boo scenes and other surprises are added for extra fun.  

We love the musical selection featured in Start Smarter Relax & Learn -- there is a pleasing variety of styles from different composers like Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms--and it's "real" (not played on toys). It's both stimulating and relaxing for young children, and it won't grate on parents' nerves either. 

With this video, children learn, amongst other things, that a square has four sides, a ball is round, and eggs come in different colors. Children are encouraged to participate (by attempting to draw shapes, for example). And, some of the sequences are positively hilarious!

We've tested plenty of baby and toddler videos over the years, and we recommend many of them. This one, however, features educational content that gives it a special edge over the competition.

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