Video Review:    Firefighter George and Steam Trains

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Children's Video Review: Steam Trains

By: Start Smarter

Released: 2004

Reviewed: February 2004

Our Recommended Age: 3-up

Our Rating: A









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Specially designed to engage young children’s minds, this video teaches children all about steam trains—the parts that make up the whole, and how steam trains work. Lessons in train safety are a large focus of the video, and are both responsible and valuable.


In Steam Trains, the enthusiastic host, Firefighter George, takes a group of children on an exciting and educational train ride, with plenty of stops along the way. Children learn about the train’s tender, water tower, boiler dome, throttle, and a whole lot more. Viewers learn about the fireman’s role on a steam train, watch the whistle blow, learn that it can take up to one mile to stop a train, and are cautioned that they should never play on train tracks or enter tunnels.


Lesson Two is dedicated to “older junior engineers”. Engineer Tim teaches more advanced lessons about how all the controls work inside of the cab of a steam engine, Firefighter Scott shows children how he keeps the train safe, and Conductor Scott talks about his responsibilities. The flap of the video shows a picture of a steam train with labeled parts for easy reference.


This video offers an exhaustive look at issues surrounding steam trains--including maintenance, mechanics, train restoration, and more—through live-action video. It cleverly stars children who actively answer questions, encouraging young viewers to participate. Happily, there is an excellent balance of both girls and boys in the video. Steam Trains is ideal for kids about to embark on a train ride for the first time, but it’s also an engaging video for just about any curious child.



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Reviewed February 2004
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