Video Review:    The Wiggles: Wiggly Safari

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"Anything can happen in a special the Wiggles world."

The boy band for the preschool crowd, The Wiggles, are joined by the Crocodile Hunter himself, Steve Irwin, in this new video, Wiggly Safari. The Wiggles are driving along in their "big red car", but they get lost. Fortunately, Steve finds them and invites them to the Australia Zoo, where there are "kangaroos, iguanas..." and more special animals.

Greg, Murray, Jeff, and Anthony each wear a different color shirt and put on a dance show like no other. This video features the group as well as characters in costume--Wags the Dog, Dorothy the Dinosaur, and Captain Feathersword. Children, clad in safari gear, support the cast with some dance-alongs and banter.

Many song-videos are featured, such as "Take a Camel for a Ride" and "You Might Like a Pet". Steve teaches the Captain how to "speak" cockatoo, and teaches kids some interesting facts about the birds at the same time. Terri talks about koalas, and some fun footage of koalas follows in the "Koala La La" segment. The enthusiastic Crocodile Hunter teaches kids about dingos, how to take care of pets, 

We noticed that there are more slow-moving songs in this video than is usual for the series. Although Wiggly Safari offers children a satisfying dose of animal facts, and Steve Irwin is as likable as ever, Wiggles fans may be disappointed with the overall selection of songs.

The DVD edition features interviews, trailers, a song selection feature, information about Australian animals, and pictures of animals from the Australian Zoo.

  • Engaging video that inspires children to sing, act, and dance along.
  • This video is a little more educational than most in the series - it features some interesting facts about animals.


  • All in all, the songs are less energetic than the ones in other videos in the series.


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VHS/DVD   Ages 1-6 Published: 2002


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