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This software game is based on the popular What's Her Face dolls--those fashion activity dolls that kids can dress up and make up! Their faces are erasable, and kids have a great time changing their dolls' expressions.

This What's Her Face CD-ROM allows players to create TV "episodes" featuring dolls they can dress any which way they like. First, kids pick a theme for their show (such as The Ultimate Vacation or My Amazing Animal Adventure), and then create an adventure. In order to do so, they journey to the What's Her Face Dressing Room where they choose dolls from the Glam, Sweet, Hip, or Cool categories and accessorize them with funky hair styles and clothing and faces. Back in the adventure creator, kids choose backgrounds, props, dance moves for their dolls, music, and voiceovers (such as "This is the biggest blowout of the century!" Once an episode is complete, kids can watch it from start to finish on the game's television screen. 

While the game is fun for a time, there is little variation in gameplay. While the fun lasts, however, kids have a wealth of dance moves, music, and the like to choose from.

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  • Looks good.
  • Enjoyable creative activity.


  • Long-term appeal is questionable.
  • Little variation in gameplay.



For Windows By: Vivendi  Ages 5-9 Published: 2002


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