Children's Video Game Review:    Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space (for XBox)

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Video Game Review: Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space

For XBox

By Microsoft

Released: 2004

Reviewed: November 2004

Our Recommended Age: 10-up

Our Rating: A




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In Blinx 2, kids have control over time and space as they lead a heroic cat, and enemy pigs, on an epic quest. Players customize their cat by designing their character's face, body, and clothing. Cats take control of time as they take on challenging battles and puzzles. The customized cats have the power to slow down the action, pause, fast-forward, rewind, and record—just like using a VCR remote control! 


Players also take on the role of the enemies—the pigs—in order to gain control of the space continuum in a number of stealth missions. The enemy pigs are also fully customizable.



Players can choose to play Blinx 2 in Battle Mode (single-player, or multi-player with up to 4 players) or Cooperative Mode. Cooperative Mode is especially appealing for families with children who have differing abilities and preferences. 


When playing as a cat, players use time controls in order to progress through the adventure. Some situations call for the use of the "record" button. For example, if two buttons need to be pressed at the same time, players can record their character pressing one button, rewind, then play back the action. As they press the other button, a projection of the character does the recorded action! Other situations call for the use of the "rewind" control. For example, if a vine is too thick to climb, players can rewind until the vine is younger and leaner. The "slow" control comes in handy when, for example, coins disappear quickly in regular mode.


Kid testers loved playing as pigs, probably because of the fun of stealth missions. Pigs use space controls, such as decoys and hypercloaks, as they attempt to avoid Guard Sweepers (cats). Our testers thoroughly enjoyed the idea, and the diversity, of playing as both the hero and the enemy. 


Testers also enjoyed the diversity offered in missions. For example, they might have the option to find a key to a cage in which another cat is trapped, or find a secret passage to the cage. There are fun interludes when players acquire accessories (such as a pirate hat) or get washed up after an especially dirty mission. There are mini-games in both cat and pig missions. For example, one mini-game is a matching game with a time limit; another involves stealing three treasures without getting caught by the cats. 


Some special features in the game make it especially appropriate for families. The two-player cooperative mode includes an optional setting that allows players to choose specialties based on their relative skill set, strengths, and gameplay preferences. One player can opt to do all of the fighting while the second player operates the time/space controls and tackles more puzzles. With this option, an older child, for example, can beat all the enemies and clear the way for a younger sibling to control time/space.


Two difficulty levels are available, and can be changed during gameplay (without the need to start over). This feature accommodates kids of different ages, and helps keep kids challenged without too much frustration.


The customization features of Blinx 2 were a real hit with kid testers. Children love customizing their characters, and Blinx 2 features deep character customization (of cats and pigs!). Our female kid tester was disappointed that the main characters were only male cats and pigs. All in all, however, kids found the game very appealing and quite challenging.


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Reviewed November 2004


















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