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Select a team of Zoombinis to lead through the journey. Players return here often to bring more creatures through the adventure. This is a map that depicts the different challenges of the journey. Kids can play the game in Practice Mode or Journey Mode.


The very first challenge the Zoombinis face is the Catapult. It's tricky to understand at first, but referring to the game manual helps!


At the Planetarium, children try to match each window to the clock's time. Note the token Zoombini watching over the activity.
Before the Zoombinis can pass the wall, hieroglyphs must be deciphered. Level one is quite straightforward, but it gets trickier as levels advance.


Find a path (or build one on higher levels) through the flowers for the moths. Each moth is labeled with a specific flower trait.

It's Arlo, the picky and not very forthcoming tree stump! He wants you to plant specific flowers in specific holes, but he just won't let on which ones go where (although he's quick to reject the ones that are not correct!).


Well, what do you know -- those gentle Zerbles have particular food preferences. Not just any flower will do! Find out which ones eat which flowers by observing the Venn Diagrams. Fun!

Wow, did we ever find this activity challenging! It's all about breeding and heredity.

Zoombinis Island Odyssey is fun and challenging. Here, a Zoombini cozies up to a sweet little Zerble.


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For Windows/Mac By: The Learning Company  Ages 9-up Published: 2002


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