Software Review:    Zoombinis Logical Journey

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Top Pick This updated reissue of a software classic is being released along with a sequel, Zoombinis Mountain Rescue. Though the basic game is the same, this upgrade boasts an interesting enhancement for Windows users--tactile feedback--and a few add-ons. 

The fabulous adventure stars unusual and endearing little blue creatures called Zoombinis. The Bloats have taken over Zoombini Isle, and players need to lead bands of Zoombinis to freedom. Along the perilous path, challenges in the form of logic puzzles must be overcome. All center around the Zoombinis' four features--hair, eyes, "feet", and noses--which vary from Zoombini to Zoombini. The puzzles are exciting and exercise kids' logic and mathematical thinking without dealing with numbers. Children form and test theories, identify patterns, collect and use evidence, and even work with functions and mapping--skills essential to the computer age. 

The beauty of this title is its equal balance of education and entertainment, with both factors sky-high in value. The puzzles are enormously addictive, and the range in difficulty makes the title appealing to children as young as 7 and as old as 77. Each puzzle exercises logical thinking skills in different ways. One has kids attempting to appease a troll with the perfect pizza. Figuring out the right toppings is an exercise in trial and error. Another involves matching the features of Fleens with those of the Zoombinis, and determining which feature matches the other is the big challenge. 

This title is enhanced with Immersion's TouchSense technology. Shakes, buzzes, and springs accompany hotspots for tactile feedback. Kids feel the bridge collapse in the Allergic Cliffs activity as they see it onscreen, for example. As well, printable activities are now available for away-from-the-computer fun.

This title is a must-have software program, especially with its focus on computer logic skills. Besides that, it is enormously fun. 

  • Excellent practice with logical thinking skills
  • Addictive and educational game-play 
  • Its amount of content and enormous appeal ensure its long life.


  • None noted



For Win/Mac By: The Learning Company     Ages 8+ Published: 2001




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